Your internet Lead Response Is Probably Not What You Expect

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  • February 28, 2013

Dealerships like to think they’re on top of their game.  Dealer Principals and General Managers presume that their processes and response times to automotive sales leads are firm, but they are in for a big surprise when they see some actual results.

Ron Henson of DrivingSales recently took a random sampling of 10 Process Analysis Reports prepared for dealers and discovered some disturbing trends regarding leads that needs attention immediately.

  • The average lead response time was 11 hours.  11 HOURS!  This is insane!  Knowing that your chances for a lead becoming a sale decreases by 399% within 4 minutes.
  • The number of responses by dealers that answered a specific question from a website that was asked was 1.  How will your prospects have confidence in your dealership when they submit a question via your website and get in return an auto-response of, “Let me know if you have any questions?”  I wouldn’t spend my money there.  Would you?
  • The number of responses that contained grammatical or spelling errors was 6.  And the other 4 didn’t respond at all, so 100% had spelling or grammar errors.   Is that a great first impression?   Does this exude a lack of professionalism?  Again, probably a deal-breaker for me when choosing a dealership.

tallmitchNobody wants to lose or waste their money, but poor lead handling causes money to just walk out the door.  Not to mention the wasted investment that the dealer makes in new technology tools and digital marketing, bleeding dollars through the back door.

Especially with the abundance of competition,  leads need to be responded to as soon as possible and as professionally as possible.  Today over 95% of car shoppers and buyers require a professional online experience in order to consider giving a dealership their business.

If you want to try a professional conversion tool, ask Holly about the LeadCrafters first party leads service: 954-861-0206.

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