Mobile Optimization for Video: What You Need to Know About

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  • September 16, 2014
Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization

It’s still important to consider how your brand’s video marketing appear on different devices, especially mobile optimization. Some brands say that up to 30% of their audience engage on a mobile device. You may have an awesome marketing video, but if your content doesn’t load quickly enough, or not optimized for mobile, you’re skipped over.

Here are some steps for mobile optimization and to create a nice video mobile experience:

  1. Have a video landing page, embed your video there and promote it from this page. This will drive people back to your website, they’ll engage with more of  your content and more easily transition further down the sales funnel. This is important because YouTube for mobile videos doesn’t link back to your site and it’s difficult to view video descriptions.
  2. Create responsive video player, meaning the player’s dimensions look good for all screen sizes. You can optimize for mobile sizing when you embed your YouTube video asset on the page. Here are detailed instruction to access the HTML or your website, via Smashing Magazine.
  3. Create Bold splash screen images. These work well for all device sizes and is good for visibility in searches. Thumbnails have the potential to be illegible on small devices.
  4. Have a clever call to action. YouTube mobile makes is difficult to see video descriptions and you’re unable to have clickable CTA’s in videos, so for your own landing page, make your CTA external to the video and above the fold. On your own landing page, you can interact with other CTA’s and you don’t have to watch the entire video to reach them.

These practices are good for any device, not just mobile. However, since your audience is increasingly using their mobile devices, it just makes sense to practice mobile optimization for all your content.

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