What is the New LeadCrafters Call-to-Action SUPERCODE?

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  • January 13, 2015

2 Chances From Everywhere

We have improved our LeadCrafters Call-To-Action to capture even more leads from your website.

LeadCrafters Call-to-Action
LeadCrafters Call-To-Action

The new “Super Code” is LeadCrafters Call-To-Action that captures even more leads from your website. Although LeadCrafters has been delivering 2 opportunities for a website visitor to convert into a lead, we can now do so from any of your web pages they land on. The first is like a greeter presenting itself to your visitor and requesting their information when they first arrive on your website, and the second, a subtle tab left elegantly behind the visiting page to be discovered later as a “Last Man Standing” offer to connect.

For those of you familiar with our service, the first click on a link of your website from a visitor triggers a front window call-to-action requesting their information, aka Site Encore Vanguard. If the visitor chooses to close or ignore that offer and navigates deeper, they will continue to browse unaffected and may, or may not, have noticed that their new page opened in a new tab… that tab left behind is your Last Chance offer to connect with them, aka Site Encore Sentry.

No matter where your website visitor goes, no matter what they visit or how distracted they get, whether they find your competitors or not, Site Encore Sentry will be waiting for them when they are done, left behind as a last man standing, to protect you from losing the last chance you might get.    

Experience the demo, or, call us and we’ll run you through it!

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