LeadCrafters: We’re the best we’ve ever been…

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  • May 14, 2014

LeadCrafters has been through quite a year, moving in several different directions, making it the best it can be.LeadCrafters

LeadCrafters originally only offered a patented call-to-action technology, now called Vanguard. Vanguard is our front loading call-to-action page that motivates approximately 30% additional website visitors to willingly convert into a lead. Many of you are successfully using this service, and it just got better. But first, our path.

About a year ago, after recognizing mobile search trends, we initiated development of our lead generating mobile device service called LeadCrafters Mobile. LeadCrafters Mobile converts more of your mobile website traffic into leads, as well as turns that lead submission into an inbound call to your available sales agent. We then realized this would work well with ALL lead submissions, mobile and desktop, and with this, InCallable was born.

Those using InCallable already know that as soon as you receive an email lead, our system immediately finds an available salesperson and connects that salesperson and the prospect in a telephone call in less than 60 seconds. We’ve developed this because there’s a 390% boost to close in the first minute of connecting with a prospect, making these leads highly valuable. And we didn’t stop there.

We then went right into improving our traditional Vanguard service by adding Sentry. Sentry will bring you 15-20% additional leads from what you’re already receiving from Vanguard. If the visitor decides to disregard Vanguard’s front-loading call-to-action page and navigates deeper into your website, their desired destination will open in a new tab while transforming the original tab into a LAST CHANCE invitation to connect with you (experience the demo). And it gets even better.

In the coming months and weeks, we’ll be dramatically advancing our service for both new and current customers.  Here are a few of what you can expect.


* Multiple Campaigns

* Advanced Reports: By
Campaign & By Agent
* Multi-Account Admins
* Conversion Tracking
* Autoresponder Options
* Advanced User Options


* Embedding Video

* 1 to 5 Page Campaigns
* Advanced Form Fields
incl. Pull-Downs, etc.
* Custom Buttons and
Image Links
* Faster & Responsive


* “Play on Discovery”

Video Yields 10-20%+
additional conversions
* “Sentry” Yields 15%+
additional conversions
* 15 Second Calls Boost
Closing by appr. 400%

Up-coming features may include having leads collected using social sign-on and integration with email engines like MailChimp and more.  Soon we’ll also have live demo’s of all these services.

We’re interested in your opinion and input. How can we make LeadCrafters better for you? How could this affect you? (866) 825-5551

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