This is a DEMO PAGE for Site Encore: Vanguard

This is our Premium Results Service - Guaranteed to Boost to your Online ROI and Convert More Leads

Imagine this is your website, and the links below are all different. They might represent the Inventory, Contact or Finance pages, or anything else. It really doesn’t matter.
Now imagine being a visitor on your website, who has discovered you as the result of a huge amount of effort and expense on your part to get them here.
Whenever the visitor clicks on ANY LINK ON THE PAGE, Vanguard is triggered. (But to follow the demonstration, we recommend you use one of the buttons below.)

See below for details of how this service behaves.

Site Encore: Vanguard

A site-wide, simple, friendly and motivating call-to-action with proven results.


Vanguard only triggers once per day. This setting can be customized at your request. Options include anything from having it trigger often, all the way to several days or weeks apart for the same visitor.


Vanguard was declassified as a traditional “pop-up” for many reasons.
1. It is triggered by an action, not on load.
2. It is branded and trusted as part of You.
3. It is not advertising or selling anything, simply collecting contact information.


The entire Site Encore technology and its resulting behavior is Patented under U.S. Patent #7,904,335 plus 2 patents pending 12/099,782 and 13/115,959. You can read the patent for yourself here.
Us Patent #7,904,335.


All our trials are zero commitment. If your Rep doesn’t reach out to you and get your permission to send an invoice, your trial continues until we decide to turn it off. You’ll never get into a billing arrangement until you ask us to NOT turn the service off.