Tell Great Customer Stories When Nurturing Sales Leads

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  • December 2, 2014
Nurturing Sales Leads

Nurturing Sales Leads

The conclusion of a recent Gartner survey found that salespeople came in last place as the person your customers, your sales leads, want to speak with (after technical and industrial experts, services and support, and senior executives). Yep, that last place as, “the most influential personal interactions across the entire buying cycle.”

What’s the Problem With Your Sales Leads?

74% of the executive buyers surveyed by Gartner said that salespeople focus too much on their product, and 3/4 of salespeople did a poor job communicating a business value.

There wasn’t a broken sales process, poor sales skills, or lack of leads… the number-one reason is that salespeople don’t know how to articulate value.

How to Articulate Value: Share Customer Stories

The best way for your reps to articulate value is to share customer stories to their sales leads. 70% of executive buyers felt that “customer stories and case studies are the best way that providers can communicate differentiation that I trust.”

Stories work because they allow your sales leads to take your product out for a virtual test drive. They also work because they make your product memorable. According to authors Chip and Dan Heath, for example, after a presentation, 63% of the audience remember stories, and only 5% remember statistics.

Does Sales Have Customer Stories?

Unfortunately, the majority of your salespeople will describe what your product is… and leave your customers, or sales leads, to figure out why they should buy your product,or why they should care.

Ask your salespeople who are exceeding quotas to collect insightful stories and put them into a consistent format. The rest of your team will now have the magic they need to inspire your customers to buy. After all, stories are easy to recall during a sales call and 22X more memorable.

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