NEW LeadCrafters Call-To-Action Features: Video Capabilities & Code Cop

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  • October 23, 2014

Video Spokesperson Call-To-Action

You can now add a Video Spokesperson to your call-to-action. Our initial data suggests conversion improves with these additions.  You can choose from a variety of spokespeople to audibly and visually deliver your message.  If you’re interested in being in our beta test group, please contact your rep or send us an email and we’ll walk you through a demo.

Add Any Video

LC Simple, Call-To-Action

LC Simple, Call-To-Action

Another function we’ve added to improve website conversions is video capability. We can now place any video on your LeadCrafters call-to-action service. It can be a video you may already have or a whiteboard video we’ve created for you. We strive to bring you the most effective service we can.  Ask us about it!

Code Cop

The eagerly awaited Code Cop feature is here! To best serve our LeadCrafters customers and to ensure your call-to-action reaches all your visitors, we recommend that our code is embedded on all your website pages; however, through updating and other maintenance, sometimes the code is altered or erased and is no longer functional on a page, which will decrease your leads. Code Cop searches and detects which of your website pages has our LeadCrafters code embedded. So, you’ll be hearing from us if your codes are missing from any pages on your website!

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