InCallable Press Release

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  • January 29, 2014


InCallable by LeadCrafters: Turn Leads Into Inbound Calls In Under 1 Minute.
Connect with them before your competition does.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
January 27, 2014

LeadCrafters is pleased to announce the release of its new service, InCallable. InCallable connects any lead, from any lead provider, directly to a phone call with one of your sales experts in under a minute.

InCallable was was developed in response to research that shows calling and connecting with new leads in under a minute increases conversions by almost 400%. “It’s critical to make a connection between merchant and consumer quickly, and we worked really hard to find the fastest way possible,” says Chris Purser, President of LeadCrafters. “InCallable adds a renewed value to any 1st party OR 3rd party lead AND the providers they come from.”

With the InCallable service, whenever a lead that includes a phone number is submitted, that prospect will be connected on the phone with a sales expert, in most cases, within about 60 seconds of them submitting. This has a salesperson on the phone with interested parties many times while they are still on the website. InCallable does all the work, all while shielding personal phone numbers from prospects, and, providing reports with regular updates which allows for monitoring and regulating accountability.


  • Quickly and conveniently links the visitor and salesperson in a phone call
  • Keeps the customer out of call queues, auto attendants or being disconnected
  • Places a higher priority on website visitors
  • Helps measure the performance of sales staff
  • Converts an additional number of otherwise lost visitors into leads
  • Reduces excuses by staff for not answering inbound calls

LeadCrafters Site Encore service provides its customers with a patented call-to-action mechanism for their business desktop and mobile websites that entices the visitor to provide their information and become a first party lead. The InCallable service then converts these and other leads into immediate calls with sales experts.

Chris Purser, President
(866) 828-0006

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