Lead Capture Forms – How to Improve Them

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  • January 21, 2015

And get visitors to complete your lead capture form!

You’re driving people to your website and you’ve established several lead capture strategies, be it a form, chat box, quote request… even your phone number. All will capture some portion of your traffic, depending on the preference of your website visitor. This article will focus on the lead capture form and/or landing page and their important elements

The lead capture form is one of the most crucial elements for lead generation on your website. The main focus of your form or landing page is to get your visitors to complete it. It’s important you construct them wisely because the formatting and design of your form have a direct impact on conversion rates.

Here are five important components of great lead capture forms.

Lead Capture Form

1. Positioning

Make sure your form appears above the fold so that the viewer doesn’t have to scroll down the page to see it. Think “Immediate Visibility.”

2. Length

How long should it be? This one is tricky question because the length of your form inevitably leads to a trade-off between the quantity and quality of the leads. People will be more willing to fill it out a shorter form, so you’ll generate more leads; but, lead quality will be better when visitors fill out more information about themselves and what they’re looking for. 

Another factor to consider is the willingness of the prospects to fill out the form depending on its length. If the form is too long, prospects will evaluate whether it is worth their time to complete all the fields. Use your judgement to find a good balance between collecting enough information and not asking for too much that they’re not willing to give.

3. Fields

Which form fields should you use and what information should I ask for? Your goal should be to collect enough information through your form to enable you to both contact and qualify the lead.

You can use fields such as name and email address to gather contact information about the lead so you’re able to follow up with your newly converted lead.

But you’ll want to be able to qualify the lead. To do this, include fields and questions in your form that will help you identify how likely they are to become a customer. 

Include fields to learn some basic background information:

  • company
  • website
  • role at company
  • number of employees  

Then add in a question that will allow you to gauge their need or likelihood to purchase your service.

Remember when you’re deciding which fields and questions to include on your form, you should only be asking for essential contact information. You can always ask for more information later.

4. Privacy Policy

Laptop privacy with sweater.

Photo courtesy of memebinge(CC Attribution)

 Most people want to feel secure when asked to provide sensitive information. You need to show your visitors they can trust you with their information. Link to your privacy policy next to the field that asks for the visitor’s email address. Have your logo and a client testimonial visible. Use some sort of authority endorsement, third-party security certification, or guarantee seal; and, make sure that your website looks credible.

5. Submission Button

The last major component of your form is the submission button. The default text for this button is usually “Submit,” but studies show that landing pages with buttons labeled this way have lower conversion rates than those that use other wording. The top-performing variations in this study were “Click Here” and “Go.” Compared to “Submit,” these buttons feel much less committal and imply a lower investment of time and effort.

Use these 5 suggestions and you’ll improve your lead capture.  Good Luck!

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