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  • February 11, 2013

This short document aims to express to you the best knowledge that we have collected for successfully taking advantage of your LeadCrafters service.

Whether you are in your free trial or are enjoying our service for years, THIS IS FOR YOUR TEAM.

We know it’s not our place to ‘teach’ you, or anyone, how to handle your leads.  This is not the purpose of this letter.   However, it has been brought to our attention that our leads are getting under-managed by many of our customers and this is distressful to us, as I am sure to you.  So we decided to give you a simple one-sheet document to share with your sales team, if you like, that might put in perspective, the value these leads have and how warm they are by the time they land in the hands of your sales staff.  You’d be surprised how many treat them like all the other leads they get, even those from 3rd party leads providers.

To give you some idea of what can be achieved, many dealers who follow these few simple tactics with the leads that we provide;

 Close 1 or more in every 6 leads!
(given an estimated 90-120 day lead time)

  We recommend you giving a copy of this to each member of your sales team.

Handling LeadCrafters LeadsLeadCrafters review

Leads you receive through your LeadCrafters service:

  • Are In-The-Market Consumers.
  • Came to YOUR website looking for YOUR product.
  • Have told you they are READY TO BUY within 30 days.

Leads you get from us are NOT:

  • 3rd party leads.
  • Aggregated leads.
  • Bought or Sold – EVER.
  • Generated from Demographics.
  • Predictive or Speculative.

“We treat these leads as valuable as someone walking through my front door.  Any of those who are less valuable are no different than someone accidentally wandering into my showroom.  And I certainly wouldn’t ignore them.” - Harley Davidson Dealer, Texas

The best ideas we’ve put together over the last decade are:

  1. Call them as quickly as you can.  
    • Studies show that leads called in under a minute have a conversion boost of 391%, dropping to 160% in the 2nd minute and 98% in the 3rd minute.
  2. Understand their experience.  
    • Everyone on your sales team should go through the process of filling out the call-to-action form as if they were a customer, generating a lead as themselves and then seeing the printable coupon and the email the customer receives after submitting.  “Egg on the face” when the lead shows with the coupon and no one recognizes it is more common than you might believe.
  3. Get them immediately into your email and newsletter rotation.
    • For those leads who don’t close right away, you want to keep your connection with them fresh, taking all opportunities to remind them of why you are unique.
    • This will go a long way to establishing them as more than a one time customer, but rather a life long customer.

We guarantee that if you apply these methods to your LeadCrafters, first party leads, you’ll get the best performance from them, allowing you to connect wo as many of them as possible.


Download a PDF for Printing and distributing or share via the links below.

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