First Business To Call Has The Advantage

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  • October 25, 2013

There are many different avenues for a customer to contact a company selling a product or service, aka: a call-to-action.  There’s of course the telephone, email, online chat boxes, online forms, etc; and, the good websites will have many calls-to-action to attract many different personality types. Some work better than others.

Previous studies have indicated that inbound calls and in-person visits were the best for generating sales leads, but not every potential buyer chooses this call-to-action. According to a study commissioned by Zogby Analytics, 6% 0f potential buyers submit online form inquiries to companies, the majority of whom submit to at least 3 companies. The overall results suggest that the first company to respond has the advantage.

The study, which included automotive inquiries, made the following not-so-surprising determinations:

  • 72% of customers believe the first company to call them has an advantage over the competition.
  • 64% of customers indicate that their decisions are negatively influenced by slow responses.
  • The most common time frame considered to be too slow is 24 hours from submission.
  • 29% said that failure to respond within one hour would cause them to question the company’s attentiveness.
  •  70% indicated that they’ve at some point submitted an online inquiry form but never received a response.

Other Findings:

  • Most respondents like to be contacted through a mix of phone calls and emails.
  • 3 in 4 would like a company to call them 2-4 times in a 30-day period before giving up
  • 8 in 10 buyers would like to receive 1-4 emails in a 30-day period.
  • 7 in 10 business buyers are ok with receiving text messages.
  • 62% prefer to be called back as quickly as possible, even if it’s by a different salesperson
  • 38% prefer to always communicate with the same person
  • 8 in 10 respondents don’t want to wait over 1 day to talk to the same salesperson.

So the question is… What processes and procedures do you have to make sure you’re the first caller? Do you have anything in place that guarantees the customer will be called asap? If that lead comes in and is assigned to the next salesperson in rotation, who is too busy to call right away, does it sit for awhile? Or does it go to the next salesperson who is available? If not, you’ll most likely lose business.

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