Mobile Optimization Is What Leaders Focus On

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  • June 12, 2014

Why is digital marketing important? What are the trends? What are the top companies doing for digital marketing optimization? Where should your focus be?

Mobile optimization should be your main focus.

Most businesses in the 21st century (I hope, if you want to remain in business) have a website and have realized its importance. It’s the face of your company and a marketplace for your products and/or services. This in turn created the advent of digital marketing and the need to explore this realm, attract more customers and make more sales. Digital marketers are becoming knowledgeable in their field and discovering many possibilities to attract customers. That’s why, this year, the priority of marketers is to allocate more advertising dollars into digital marketing and to increase conversion rates. But how should the budget be allocated?

In the next few year, the majority will go to mobile optimization marketing. We’ve all read the statistics: Mobile searches are to surpass desktop this year. In an effort to capitalize on this trend, it’s no wonder why US mobile advertising spend is expected to grow from 7.2 billion in 2013 to 30.3 billion in 2018, with much attention focused on location-targeted mobile search. The increased mobile searches in turn created an increase in digital mobile shoppers. Businesses now get to focus attention on their mobile shopping experience for customers because mobile devices are close behind desktop in converting customers (2.45% v. 3.15%, respectively).

Monetate’s study (chart above), summarized the digital trend of conversion rates by device (desktop, tablet or phone).  Although desktop conversions dominate, mobile device conversions are not too far behind. In other words, people are shopping and purchasing from their mobile devices.

A study by Adobe found what the top 20% of performers did differently from the rest, focusing on mobile:

  • Spend more than 25% of marketing budgets on optimization activities (agency fees, professional services, technology), versus 5% of the bottom 80%.
  • Use a range of customer experience measurement and optimization tactics (audience segmentation, mobile analytics and performing A/B testing).
  • Multiple departments have input into the optimization process.
  • Top-performers are more attuned to mobile than their counterparts.

In summary, digital mobile optimization for devices should be pretty high on your list. What are you doing to make your mobile experience better? How are you capturing leads to your mobile device? Which calls-to-action are you using?

Adobe Digital Mobile Optimization Leaders, June2014

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