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Improving Speed To Call Boosts Conversions Dramatically

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Why being first to call gets you the advantage over your competitors A recent study by Velocify conducted an online survey of more than 1,000 adults in the US who had submitted an online form requesting information or expressing interest in a product. They found that 6% of all potential buyers submit online inquiries to a single company, with a significant majority submitting…

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Mobile Optimization Is What Leaders Focus On

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Why is digital marketing important? What are the trends? What are the top companies doing for digital marketing optimization? Where should your focus be? Mobile optimization should be your main focus. Most businesses in the 21st century (I hope, if you want to remain in business) have a website and have realized its importance. It’s the face of your company…

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The Gift of Duplicate Leads

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As you know, a dealer’s website typically has various “call to action” mechanisms to attract leads. With that being said, a comment we at LeadCrafters occasionally hear from our customers is, “We already got that lead from our website.” The customer makes the statement like it’s a redundant annoyance and a waste of their time, regardless if it’s a first…

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Inbound Phone Calls and In-Person Visits Best for Generating Sales Leads

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Your dealership has spent a lot of money driving traffic and leads to you. As a salesperson you want to spend as much time as possible with a focus on generating and converting sales leads.  So where should your main focus be?  It  shouldn’t be a surprise that in-person events and inbound phone calls rate at the top of lead…

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Big Sky HD

5 Stars – Direct access to our visitors needs.

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“With LeadCrafters we are receiving information on customers that are really not sure exactly which unit they want yet . This allows us to follow-up with these people and listen to their needs and wants and steer them towards the proper motorcycle. It is getting us incremental increases in sales as well as increasing our customer base.” ~ Brian, Owner,…

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How do you trigger more inbound calls?

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  3 Months Free Half Price for 12 Months Price: Review Us Win mobile leads you’re currently losing. 90 Days Free – No Commitment   In exchange for a simple testimonial describing LeadCrafters, we will give you LeadCrafters Mobile for 60 days for FREE. Plus, if an Owner/Officer adds an additional testimonial, we’ll add an additional 30 days, giving you 3…

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LeadCrafters Reviews from Happy Customers

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Far Surpassed Anything Else We\'ve Tried 5 Stars – Far Surpassed Anything Else We’ve Tried! February 27, 2013 ★★★★★ 5 5 1 “I was surprised by the level of success we have had using Leadcrafters, the leads we have received using their technology have far surpassed anything else we have tried! If I could only keep one outside service for...
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We all want the best quality leads, right?

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There has been a manner of thinking in internet sales to focus only on first party leads.  Many dealers are conflicted about whether to decrease or even discontinue the use of third party lead providers altogether.  Other dealers have made third party leads a valid and beneficial part of their marketing mix; however, they often lose sight of the importance…

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An Interview with an Industry Veteran.

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We are LeadCrafters: A small team of like-minded professionals who are truly dedicated to providing our customers with the best product we can.  We know the best way to discover what this means, is to regularly ask our customers their opinions.  This is how we establish our priorities for improvement and queue our development.  We recently surveyed one of our…

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The Psychology of Converting Customers

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There is a lot of energy into generating traffic to your website in an attempt to deliver your content; however, are you giving maximum effort into improving the conversions of your website visitors and increasing your leads?  Getting a million visitors to your sales page is worthless if not a single person purchases your product or service. One effective way…

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Watch out for Imitators

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Some of you are already aware that there are businesses out there who claim to be a decent, honest, reputable companies, who will steal ideas from others and try to resell them to you.  It’s a despicable and unethical behavior that we are ashamed some of our previous clients have been willing to tolerate.  But we understand… some.  It’s sometimes…

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Handling Leads from LeadCrafters Service

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This short document aims to express to you the best knowledge that we have collected for successfully taking advantage of your LeadCrafters service. Whether you are in your free trial or are enjoying our service for years, THIS IS FOR YOUR TEAM. We know it’s not our place to ‘teach’ you, or anyone, how to handle your leads.  This is not…

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Are You Handling Your Leads as Well as You Could?

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I have often engaged in telephone conversations with sales managers and internet sales managers who have stated they don’t have enough employees to handle the leads they receive.     I understand it is not so easy and a delicate balance with lead providers, but, my initial reaction (to myself) was, “Then why don’t you hire more salespeople?”. A  survey I found…

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Thank You and Congrats on a Great Year

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We at LeadCrafters would like to say thank you to our customers for making us the top first-party lead provider in 2012. With over ten years of experience in internet marketing and web conversion techniques, we are proud to help nearly 2,000 businesses on a daily basis to maximize their Internet activity. And thank you for staying with us, month…

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1 in 5 Marketers Say They Use Pop-Ups to Collect Email Addresses

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Experian Marketing Services conducted a study and surveyed email marketers about their email-marketing initiatives, including their strategies for subscriber acquisition and engagement, to include point of sale, mobile and social marketing, testing and creative design. Of the marketers surveyed, 22% use pop-up windows on their website to collect email addresses, most only showing them to new visitors. The Experian Study found that the most…

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3 Best Practices for High Internet Lead Volume

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The year 2012 was a favorable year for vehicle sales.  We know trending tells us that a greater percentage of sales can be attributed to leads that were acquired from the internet.  This is great news for car dealers because it also means they experienced an increased volume of quality internet leads.  Hopefully this trend continues throughout 2013; however, it…

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What Is Internet Fame Really Worth?

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Internet fame does not necessarily mean increased sales for your company. For example, a California taxidermist became an internet sensation when he released this advertisement on YouTube for his business.   Within days, the video went viral, gathering an excess of two million views within 2 days.   Since then, the commercial became an Internet classic. In spite of his  Internet fame,…

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Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis Shines on Secret Millionaire

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On August 5th, Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis was featured on ABC’s “Secret Millionaire,” returning to his hometown of Miami to search for adults who are making a difference.  This location was particularly emotional for him because Little Havana, a Miami suburb, was his childhood home and where he would soon have the opportunity to share a portion of his…

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7.5 Million

7.5 Million Leads Delivered

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Congratulations to all LeadCrafters Customers! As of August 7th, 2011, you had received a combined Leads since we started providing this service to you. You should be proud. LeadCrafters and its team of Partners, Sales People, Technicians and Support Staff work day and night to continue to provide YOU with the highest number of valid, qualified, leads for in-the-market consumers…

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