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Is Search Engine Marketing A Priority At Your Dealership?

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There are dealerships that sell 70-90 units a month while their rival sells over 200.  Why is this?   It can be due to poor leadership, no online presence, poor manners and beliefs and negative reviews regarding the  service department (a satisfied service customer is 7 times more likely to purchase a vehicle at that dealership).  Although all are important,…

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Calling New Leads In Under A Minute Boosts Conversion Rates By 391%

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Are you responding to leads as quickly as you can?  It would be foolish not to, according the the research.  Responding quickly to leads is the largest driver of lead conversion, according to a Leads360, November 2012 report. Data was analyzed from more than 400 companies where 3.5 million leads were generated in the first half of 2012. The study…

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Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis Shines on Secret Millionaire

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On August 5th, Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis was featured on ABC’s “Secret Millionaire,” returning to his hometown of Miami to search for adults who are making a difference.  This location was particularly emotional for him because Little Havana, a Miami suburb, was his childhood home and where he would soon have the opportunity to share a portion of his…

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7.5 Million

7.5 Million Leads Delivered

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Congratulations to all LeadCrafters Customers! As of August 7th, 2011, you had received a combined Leads since we started providing this service to you. You should be proud. LeadCrafters and its team of Partners, Sales People, Technicians and Support Staff work day and night to continue to provide YOU with the highest number of valid, qualified, leads for in-the-market consumers…

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A New Benchmark

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CONGRATULATIONS HARLEY-DAVIDSON DEALERS and their LeadCrafters Reps. TODAY – May 13, 2011 – LeadCrafters reached a benchmark in numbers. As of about 4pm EST today, we reached a 30 day deliverable of 200,000 calls to action. Just to our Harley Dealers! Our patented delivery mechanism insures delivery to 99.8% of your welcomed site visitors.  Out of those calls to action,…

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Go Green with LeadCrafters

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Throughout the last decade, and for many of us far before that, more and more companies are working tirelessly to incorporate “green” methods into everyday workplace activities.  From the elimination of disposable coffee and water cups to better insulation of office buildings, companies are taking a more and more responsible approach to conservation.  But why should we do this?   There…

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