Automotive Lead Provider: Being First to Connect

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  • February 3, 2015

Your automotive lead provider should make you first to connect.

For all the marketing you do, the people shopping or researching online have many options.  A buyer who is in the decision or consideration stage will visit many websites and review dozens of these options before deciding.  One of those factors, and one of the largest ones, is TRUST.  The fastest way to generate trust for your dealership is to put this person directly into the hands of one of your experts.  All experts being equal, (and they are until the buyer decides otherwise), the first one to speak with them and connect with them on a personal level, who starts nurturing that trust as early as possible, is the one who wins their business.  This has been documented time and time again. Whether it’s first to approach, first to email, or first to call.  First wins.

 Your automotive lead provider should make you first to connect.

It’s the reason why you already use a bunch of great tools, and search for automotive lead providers to help, to convert these folks: Live chat, contact forms, quote requests, financing applications all do this well.

The problem is… these work well for people who spend time on your website and not so well for people who leave after only visiting a few pages. But if you look at your analytics you’ll see that almost half your visitors leave in under 2 minutes & after having visited only a couple of pages. Contact forms, quote requests, credit apps don’t work so well with this segment of your traffic. To connect with this group, you want to engage them early on during their visit to your site.

Automotive lead provider (or capturer, really) LeadCrafters, Site Encore: Vanguard, acts strategically to connect with these

Automotive Lead Providers

automotive lead provider.

people.  By presenting a simple, clear and compelling call-to-action EARLY in your guest’s exploration of your site, you’re able to directly welcome each and every visitor to connect with you, not just those who stick around long enough to find a contact form or complete a quote request.

Site Encore: Sentry is the ‘rear guard’, a call-to-action that remains after your guest has left your site, after they may have gone to another, even a competitor or gotten distracted from their search altogether. It’s the ‘Last Man Standing!’

This two pronged approach from your automotive lead provider will retain for your sales experts, an additional group of FIRST PARTY leads, who you are missing out on today.  These buyers will purchase from you at the same rates that you experience with your other website leads, typically about one in five.

And here’s how it works.  When a visitor comes to your website, the first time they click on anything, they are presented with the Vanguard Call-to-action.  This motivates a small portion of your website guests to volunteer some contact information and become a lead.

If your guest is not motivated by this method and closes the new window, when they proceed further into your site, that’s when Sentry fires.  Most people won’t even notice this event, which allows them to continue browsing your site, uninterrupted.

Opening in a unique and elegant way, Sentry is what sticks around for them until AFTER they are done browsing your site, and others, and remains as a “last man standing” to remind your visitors, that you are still here to greet and help them find exactly what they desire. Sentry will patiently await discovery, but will also subtly ‘wave’ at your visitor which may get their attention even sooner.

Once they become a lead, by either method, their contact information is transmitted immediately to you and your team, and into your CRM.

Getting started with LeadCrafters is incredibly simple, requiring almost no time of your own.  There is nothing to learn or train people to understand.  You get to just keep doing things exactly the way you do now. The only change is the amount of good leads your team gets.

Site Encore Vanguard and Sentry combo is the only technology of its kind, focusing on grabbing those Early to leave visitors, connecting with them in a compelling way, and converting them into a lead you can reach.

1 to 2 % of all non bouncing traffic will convert.

85-90% of that will be new, otherwise lost prospects.

These leads will close at the exact same rate as your other FIRST PARTY website leads, statistically 1 in 5 or 6.

These are NOT 3rd party leads they are first party leads

We’ve converted over 10 million leads this way.

Sign up for a Demo now and find out exactly why LeadCrafters First Party Leads system and InCallable are the simplest, smartest decision you can make today and add LeadCrafters as one of your automotive lead providers. .

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