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"We have been very happy with our experience with LeadCrafters, especially Chris Purser. Their software on the surface seems to be what everyone else is offering and so we were skeptical at first. But we have increased conversions dramatically and are extremely happy with the return on the investment we made. Keep up the good work!"

− Sky River RV

"I was surprised by the level of success we have had using LeadCrafters, the leads we have received using their technology have far surpassed anything else we have tried! If I could only keep one outside service for my website, the LeadCrafters system would be the chosen one, hands down!"

− John - General Manager

"Potential buyers are doing more and more online shopping for their new Harleys. A couple of our online goals are to 1.) allow these buyers to find our website much more easily and 2.) once they do offer a “call to action” and easy response mechanism. LeadCrafters works great for that second goal and both our leads and closed sales are up during a difficult economy."

− Terry - Marketing Director

"At Man O’War Harley-Davidson, we have seen a significant rise in our internet leads through the use of LeadCrafters services. We are averaging 2-3 leads per day, and that has resulted in at least 3 or 4 sales per month. Although we MIGHT have made these sales anyway, what is certain is that LeadCrafters is helping us connect with our customer base."

− James - Internet Sales Manager

"I have been using LeadCrafters for a little over one month and their product has produced over 30 leads. The personnel at LeadCrafters have all been very responsive and easy to work with. We are working to fine tune our questions that LeadCrafters asks our clients in an effort to improve the quality of the leads. However, I am very encouraged buy the initial results!"

− Josh - Owner / General Manager

"During the first 5 days of this service, we had 25 new leads, all from our own traffic. We knew this was solid. Now we pay a year in advance."

− Jeremy - General Manager

"With LeadCrafters we are receiving information on customers that are really not sure exactly which unit they want yet . This allows us to follow-up with these people and listen to their needs and wants and steer them towards the proper motorcycle. It is getting us incremental increases in sales as well as increasing our customer base."

− Brian

"Since using LeadCrafters it has given us more leads from people interested in a Harley but maybe did not know exactly which model may be best for them. This has given us the opportunity to help them with their process of finding them the right motorcycle for their needs."

− Curtis

"We are getting a lot of leads we were not getting before. It is a great call to action program."

− Chris

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